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Yoga is a Sanskrit words that means “union.” Yoga is the union of the mind, body, and spirit. It includes movement, breath work, deep concentration, and meditation. Mindfulness is the mindset or the awareness that guides the yoga practices. It centers our attention in the present moment with gratitude, acceptance, and compassion. Mindful Cora offers a variety of movement and non-movement practices of yoga and mindfulness to meet the needs of a variety of populations.


Hatha yoga is the umbrella term that includes all yoga for the physical body. The word Hatha is derived from the “ha” meaning Sun and “tha” meaning Moon. Thus, it is the balance between the Sun & Moon energy, otherwise thought of as yin/yang or feminine/masculine. This type of yoga class incorporates dynamic and static asanas (poses), breath work, and meditation.


Flow is a style of Hatha yoga that incorporates yoga asanas (poses), breathwork, dynamic sequences and the classic “vinyasa” or flow sequence. This is one of the most popular styles of yoga movement in the west. This practice is appropriate for beginners to advance students with normal mobility within their body. Often times flow classes are centered around a theme, topic, or peak posture.



Chair yoga is an amazing way to practice yoga without the rigor of a mat or floor-centered practice. This type of class focuses on simple movement, stretching, and joint mobility. Mindfulness is a key component of the practice. Meditation and body relaxation are also incorporated. Chair yoga classes are appropriate for people with less mobility, office or busy professionals, or the elderly population.

Chair Yoga classes coming soon!



Meditation is another key component of the yoga and mindfulness practice. In a world that encourages us to stay busy, it’s important to find time to sit and pause. Meditation allows us to come back to ourselves, and build a healthy relationship with our mind, body, feelings, and experiences. Some of the topics we cover in the meditate on classes include neuroscience, loving kindness, breath awareness, gratitude, and compassion.

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Chakra Class: Overview

Here's the first class of our 8-week Chakra Yoga Series! Enrollment is still open! Try the class now and sign up for the full course to receive all class recordings & slideshows!

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