With a current focus on virtual learning, schools are looking for fun and innovative ways to keep kids moving, while also fostering mindfulness and wellbeing. Yoga & mindfulness classes can help students connect with their body, breath, and mind, from the comfort of their home or classroom. Lessons range from 15 minutes - 45 minutes and available for all ages & grades. 


Students aren't the only ones that could benefit from yoga & mindfulness! In a time of high stress and immense changes, it is important for teachers to be nourished and cared for as well. Holding weekly or monthly classes for teachers to practice yoga & mindfulness can help reduce stress and create more balance and wellbeing. Professional development courses on teaching mindfulness to children are another great way to incorporate mindfulness into the school community.


School-wide mindfulness & yoga events help foster a mindful community through collective explorations of topics like compassion, gratitude, mindful living, and much more! These events include assemblies, school-wide mindfulness challenges, and family yoga night.


After school yoga & mindfulness classes provide an alternative to group sports and other activities and give children the opportunity to engage their mind & body in a fun and active virtual lesson. Virtual classes range from 30 min - 1 hour depending on age and availability.

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